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Crews Demolish Terminal C's Concourse At RDU International

Posted February 18, 2005 3:35 a.m. EST

— Big changes are on the way for

RDU International

. Crews started demolishing the north concourse at Terminal C Friday morning.

The new north concourse will feature state-of-the-art processing systems for airlines and travelers. In 3-1/2 years, the makeover is expected to be complete.

"It will triple the size of the current facility, accommodate for more airlines to use this facility, as well as have multiple gates that in the end will serve passengers better," said Colleen Fischvogt, RDU spokesperson.

The concourse once served as a hub for American Airlines, which downsized, leaving part of the terminal empty and unused. Terminal C's south concourse now sees all the travel activity. The demolition and reconstruction on the north side will all remain hidden to travelers behind a wall.

"The south concourse is fully functional and accommodating passengers until the north concourse is fully operational," Fischvogt said.

Before that happens, it needs to be fully functional. The project includes rebuilding 75 percent of ticketing, security and baggage claim areas. The long-term goal is to move some of the airlines over from Terminal A to Terminal C.

The construction is the latest in a series of expansion projects. The south concourse of Terminal A opened in 2001. In fall 2003, the new parking deck added more than 6,100 spaces. Renovation should be complete on the general aviation terminal in the spring.