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Authorities Investigate Wreck In Hoke County

Posted February 16, 2005 5:12 a.m. EST

— Authorities said a woman ran off the road and crashed her minivan, but the moments leading up to the accident remain unclear.

The accident happened Wednesday along John Road in Hoke County. Deputies said Gwen Locklear was driving down the road when she swerved off the road and crashed in front of Wanda Chavis' home.

Chavis said Locklear was able to walk away from her mangled vehicle.

"[There were] spots on her face, blood on her foot and I could see some blood sports on her shirt," Chavis said. "She came over here, sit on the steps and she said she couldn't hardly breathe. She was hurting. Her chest was hurting."

However, deputies believe the single-car wreck may not be so straightforward. Deputies said Locklear was shot. Chavis said the woman told her a man was in the vehicle, beating her.

Investigators are still trying to figure out if Locklear was shot before she got in the car or while she was driving.