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Two-Month-Old Alerts Northampton Family To Fire

Posted February 7, 2005 4:45 a.m. EST

— A family in Northampton County owes their lives to a 2-month-old baby.

Wayne Cox said his family was sleeping when the fire broke out in a Northampton County farmhouse. Family members said Trinity was the first to know about the fire.

"The little baby, she woke up first. I guess she sensed something was going wrong. She then woke her mother up," Cox said.

Trinity's little hands were slightly burned, but her mother's condition is more serious. Lisa Carroll, 18, was severely burned when she rescued Trinity. She is also battling breathing problems from the smoke and could be hospitalized for months.

"I was only worried about two things -- my fiancee and my baby. As long as they got out safe, I will not worry about a thing. Everything else can be replaced," Cox said.

Cox broke out a window to escape. He has an 8-inch gash in his stomach. Another person who lived at the house, Teresa Williams, has burns on her face.

Investigators believe the fire started from old electrical wiring. The Red Cross is helping the family get through its loss.