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Wakefield Parents Urge County Commissioners To Rethink Plans For School

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Wakefield Parents Meeting
RALEIGH, N.C. — Parents of children at Wakefield Elementary took their fight against a proposed school site to the Wake County Board of Commissioners Monday.

The parents, who are opposed to busing their children to a temporary modular school site six miles away for two years, asked the commissioners not to fund the rent for the land at the temporary site.

Many parents argued that the area is not safe with a number of sex offenders living in the area, frequent drug arrests and hazardous material such as asbestos on the site.

"These are our tax dollars and our children and let's not use them as a social project. We are prepared to fight you with every option we have available," parent David Hegel said.

The move comes less than a week after the Wake County School Board denied the parents' request to develop free land that was close to homes.

The school board said that although the land was free, it would cost nearly $600,000 to develop. The land the school board plans to use at the Dubois Center near Wake Forest will only cost $40,000 to lease.

A decision on the issue is not expected for another two weeks.

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