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Man Looks For Answers In Family's Murder/Suicide

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, N.C. — Authorities say a woman killed herself and their two children in Franklin County. Now, the grieving husband and father are looking for answers before he can accept it was a murder-suicide.

His son's playfulness and his daughter's sweetness is what Reginald Ollison likes to remember.

"I couldn't have asked the Lord to give me better kids," he said.

Fourteen-year-old Nicholle and 13-year-old Reginald Jr. were killed in December. Franklin County authorities say their mother, Caroline Ollison, shot them and then herself, but Reginald Ollison does not accept that.

"It's kind of hard to believe my wife did that to her kids and to herself," Reginald said.

Reginald Ollison said his wife suffered from bipolar disorder and anxiety. They were separated at the time and Caroline was living at a home in Franklin County with a woman she met on the Internet. The children were visiting when they were shot.

According to the homeowner, the children had a tough time adjusting during the visit, but Ollison does not believe that would drive her to murder.

"She loved the kids very much," Reginald said.

Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones did not return calls to WRAL to comment on the case, but several weeks ago, he said the case was closed.

"I'm harassing them for answers, and they nonchalantly say the case is closed," Reginald said.

Ollison believes someone who knew his wife murdered his family. He said he may also hire an investigator.


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