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Changes May Be In Store For Franklin EMS After 'Dead' Man Found Alive

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, N.C. — As county officials continue to investigate how a man was mistakenly pronounced dead, the situation could mean changes for Franklin County Emergency Services.

Four days ago, paramedics pronounced Larry Donnell Green dead after he was hit by a car. Two hours later, the coroner realized Green was alive.

County manager Chris Coudriet said the report, conducted by county officials, contains interviews with dozens of people from paramedics to troopers.

"It is essentially an assessment of time, activities and decisions made on the scene," Coudriet said.

The report also looks at decisions made at the county's makeshift morgue.

"There's going to be a top-down clear examination of what our response protocol is on scene, in transport and in the county morgue," Coudriet said.

Currently, Franklin County EMS does not require a second opinion before declaring death. The deputy director said that could now change. On Monday, county commissioners, along with the county manager, will decide what, if any, part of the report should be public.

Family members told WRAL Green was in surgery Friday and he is still in critical condition. Five people have been suspended in connection with the incident.


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