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Durham School Board Member Speaks Out About Ban From School

Posted January 28, 2005 6:35 a.m. EST

— At a Durham School Board meeting Thursday night, a school board member defended herself after having been banned from an area high school.

Jackie Wagstaff, who has been banned by the superintendent after an incident at Shepard Middle School, was visibly upset and said she was amazed at what she described as the disrespect shown to her.

"I'm still awed and amazed that this was done," Wagstaff said. "There was no investigation done on the part of finding out what my side was, what happened on that day in question."

Wagstaff and a parent were charged with trespassing at the school.

Wagstaff said that on the day of her visit to Shepard she called the superintendent, who wasn't available, and instead talked to the associate superintendent.

Wagstaff said she did that because the principal was acting erratically.

The principal said Wagstaff and the parent were being disruptive.

Many people attending the meeting were there to support Wagstaff, including her son.

"You don't understand what this does when you do things to hurt my mother," said Donald Hughes. "You need to check yourself and do what's right."