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Parts Of Downtown Raleigh Seen As Top Towing Areas

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Tow Away Zone
RALEIGH, N.C. — Under the new Raleigh towing ordinance, tow truck operators have to let police know where they tow from. If you come to the Glenwood South area in Raleigh, be careful where you park.

Rodney Robertson recently had his car towed from that area a few weeks ago.

"I called police and reported my car stolen at first until the people said, 'No, they took your car' -- eight minutes, eight minutes," he said.

Under the city's new towing ordinance, towing companies are required to report non-consensual tows to police. According to the report, the most popular place to tow -- the 400 Block of Glenwood South. That area has seen 32 tows in a month mainly in the overnight hours.

Within 24 hours, 23 cars were hooked up at Tarrymore Square off Capital Boulevard. Brentwood Square, Hillsborough St. and an office parking lot at 400 Morgan Street rounds out the top five towing areas.

Towing operator Peter Ashenden said he thinks the list is not accurate. He said many competitors do not follow the new rules.

"You got a guy being honest and doing his job and doing what he's supposed to," he said. "Now, I'm on the top five list of hotspots, but you've got a guy who's not calling in. How do you know what's going on and what's not?"

All five of the top spots are clearly marked. Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker said so far the data shows it is not just a downtown problem, but he said to make sure the data is accurate, he might propose taking the license from towing operators who do not comply.

Right now, operators can be fined $50. Apartment complexes were not listed on the report, but many have reported numerous tows.


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