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Wake Student Reassignment Information Now Available

Posted January 21, 2005 2:23 a.m. EST

— Many Wake County parents are eager to check for the county's

annual student reassignment proposal

, which is now available on the Internet.

The proposal, which affects only elementary schools, would move 2,100 students.

"I think it's a tough year because we didn't open as many schools as I wish we had because of the extreme crowding," said Dr. Ramey Beavers, of the Wake County Schools.

The proposal is significantly smaller than last year's record 7,700 students.

This year's plan will include three modular elementary schools and one new school.

One school that is included in the plan is Fox Road Elementary, which is so crowded that one teacher holds class in a closet. A second cafeteria is housed in a trailer.

The reassignment proposal suggests moving 294 students from Fox Road to two of the modular schools.

The school system is taking public comments for two weeks.