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Raleigh Mayor Calls For Review Of 'Nightmare For Triangle'

Posted January 20, 2005 3:04 a.m. EST

— Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker said he feels the city does a good job when it can plan ahead, but he said planning for the "unforeseen" -- as in Wednesday's snow event -- needs improvement.

The mayor said his management review of the traffic gridlock he called a "Nightmare For The Triangle" will consist of three things.

First, a committee will report on what happened in terms of forecasting, and school and business closings. Second, he will have Raleigh personnel meet with other local governments to get their views on what happened. Finally, he wants the committee to recommend clear policies that will help keep this mess from happening again.

Meeker said those policies may involve a number of things.

"One will be whether schools should stay open, pending the storm being completed and the roads having time to be salted," Meeker said. "Secondly, we'll look at whether we need to require some kind of carpooling, so that there are fewer accidents from fewer cars on the roads of people trying to get home at night.

"Finally, we may need to have a requirement about the amount of tread on tires, so that there are not so many vehicles spinning out in the situation," he said.

Meeker said he wants the review done promptly, so that the City Council can act on it within 10 days. The mayor said he is just as frustrated as other people about the situation.