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Cold Weather Has Area Group Hoping For More Donations

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gene english warmth for wake
RALEIGH, N.C. — Despite the recent cold snap, an agency many people depend on for warmth can't meet the demand.

A warm meal and shelter are great, but they can only go so far. Some people have only the clothes on their backs.

When it's as cold as it's been the last couple of days, they need more.

"Our biggest fear is that someone freezes to death," said Gene English, of

Warmth for Wake

, an agency that helps people stay warm by giving away free blankets.

The agency said it is seeing a downturn in donations as more people locally are giving to tsunami relief efforts.

"There's only so much money that can go around," English said.

Still, English says that any bit that people can donate will help.

"It can literally be lifesaving if someone doesn't have adequate heat in their homes or they are out in the street somewhere or they're in a shelter, a blanket can't only provide comfort but it can be lifesaving at this point," English said.

To make a donation to Warmth for Wake, call (919) 212-7083.

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