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Two Raleigh Sisters Accomplish Weight Loss Goal

Posted January 18, 2005 10:08 a.m. EST

— Two sisters from Raleigh are the two faces of one amazing weight loss story and a complete lifestyle change.

When Kristin and Karen Mendorf went on vacation in 2001, a hiking trip proved to be too much of a struggle. A 30-minute hike took them 90 minutes to complete. They decided to go to Weight Watchers meetings, hit the gym and started improving their diet.

"I weighed 300 pounds when I started," Karen said.

"I weighed 339 [pounds] when I started," Kristin said.

Between them, both sisters have lost more than 300 pounds. Each weight loss goal was one small victory after another.

"Once you're willing and open to do it, it will come. You will have some success," Karen said.

Karen and Kristin share a house in Raleigh. They said they rely on each other for support. It has been a long and difficult journey and worth it.

"It's the way I eat. I'm active now. I don't remember that person I was anymore," Kristin said.

Both women say their goal now is to maintain and maybe lose a pound here and there by staying in the gym and watching what they eat.

Kristen said she reached her weight goal while Karen still wants to lose another five or six pounds. Both sisters will appear on the Jane Pauley Show to talk about their weight loss story.