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Animal Control Works To Find New Home For Cats

Posted January 17, 2005 5:44 a.m. EST

— Animal rescue groups said they found 75 cats living in a north Raleigh home in unsanitary conditions. They said the owner was well-intentioned, but failed to think about the basics -- the health and safety of her animals and herself.

"[It's] really bad for the cats. We're still trying to get the odor out of them. The house is going to need a whole lot of work. The urine has soaked through the floors and into the ceilings and started to soak into the walls," said Carol De Olloqui, of

Second Chance Pet Adoption


Now, rescue groups are trying to find homes for the cats. Those who know the homeowner, Charlotte Jones, believe she just got in over her head.

"She is a very kind person. She is an animal lover. She cares a great deal about cats," said Patti Dobyns, of

Operation Catnip

. "I was surprised that it had gotten out of hand to that point. I did not realize. I think that happens to people. They just get too many and there are no homes for them."

Debbie Rodwell, who lives next door to Jones, said she counted as many as 15 litter boxes at one time.

"Your can't sit out on my deck or in my backyard because of the stench, the smell," she said.

Rodwell made a formal complaint about the cat situation to the Homeowner's Association two years ago. Jones was then and is now on the Association's Board of Directors.

"It basically fell on deaf ears and nothing was done about it," Rodwell said.

Jones did not respond to WRAL's requests for an interview. On Tuesday, animal control officers are scheduled to take 31 cats from Jones' residence, leaving her with 8. She could face charges for animal neglect.