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Snow Surprises Central N.C.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Winter weather surprised Triangle residents Sunday morning as a system dropped snow and sleet across an area of central North Carolina.

A low pressure system that developed off the Florida coast was responsible for the unexpected snow, which was mixed with sleet and rain.

Areas that saw the snow were mainly east of Pittsboro, Chapel Hill, Durham and Oxford.

The precipitation was intermittent and amounts were barely measurable or only traces in most areas. However, in the Archer Lodge area of Johnston County, fire officials said roads had slush on them, and there were reports of cars sliding off the road. No one was hurt.

Air temperatures hovered between 32 and 35 degrees and ground temperatures ranged from 34 to 39 degress, so whatever snow or sleet that fell quickly melted.

The coastal plain of North Carolina and the beaches also saw flurries Sunday morning.

The snow came three days after intense thunderstorms that moved through the area, causing some damage and leaving one person dead.

Because lightning was seen during the storms on Friday and snow fell three days later, Sunday's weather event confirms an unscientific folklore that if there is lightning in the winter, it will snow within 10 days.

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