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Road Rage Shooting Suspects Make First Court Appearance

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road rage suspect in court
RALEIGH, N.C. — The court appearance for both men accused in a road rage shooting this past weekend took all of 10 minutes.

But it was long enough to give some satisfaction to the friends and family of shooting victim Neil Anderson.

His father, brother and friends are Neil Anderson's support network.

"We're all good friends, known each other forever," said Brandon Miller, one of Anderson's friends.

They all came to the Wake County jail for the first court appearance of the two men accused of shooting Anderson in a Road Rage incident last weekend.

Ryan Mandell and Christopher Bingman told the judge they are trying to hire their own attorneys, but wanted the court to appoint lawyers in the meantime. The judge left bond for both men at $250,000 and gave them a message.

"There is a provision for no contact with the alleged victim in this case. Understand that?" said Judge Shelly Desvouges.

The arrest gives Anderson's father some sense of justice.

"(It's a) tremendous relief to make sure they're off the streets, not only for us, but anyone else because this is a horrendous crime," said Alex Anderson.

Alex Anderson said news of the arrests have given his son, who is recovering in the hospital, some relief.

"The arrests have helped Neil's recovery," Alex Anderson said. "Since this arrest he has come leaps and bounds. When his mother got the news and told him, he just broke down emotionally and tears flowed."

Anderson was in an SUV full of men when he was hot. The driver pulled off at a Burger King in Johnston County to call for help.

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