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Six Charged In Bomb Making Case In Moore County

Posted January 7, 2005 5:50 a.m. EST

— Five teenagers and a father face charges in connection to making homemade bombs in Moore County.

The investigation started after small explosions at a Christmas ceremony in Pinehurst. The case quickly spread to other towns.

Clay Hackman, 16, is one of five teens charged in the case.

"At the time I don't think he understood the consequences, but I think he does now." said Detective Tim Davis of the Moore County Sheriff's Department.

Baxter Pashcal Jr., 58, also faces charges in the case for purchasing pipe bomb making materials for his 14-year-old son.

"It could be deadly," said Chief Louis Gregory, of the Whispering Pines Police Department.

Police started investigating the case when they received a call from a concerned father. Their investigation also lead to the arrest of 16-year-old Ryan Huggins.

"We found black powder, PVC pipe, fuses and the actual bomb itself ready to be detonated," Gregory said.

Authorities say the teens wanted to see what would happen if the bombs blew up.

Three others are being charges as juveniles, so their names were not released.