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Authorities Continue To Look Into Timeline Of Accused Teen's Mom

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Mother Of Slain Garner Teen Asks For Justice
RALEIGH, N.C. — Search warrants indicate that police are looking at the suspect's mother as a possible accessory after the fact in connection with a murder in Garner. Meanwhile, a family of a slain teen prepares to put her to rest.

Police said 19-year-old Kenneth O'Neal Jr. confessed to murdering and sexually assaulting his neighbor, 15-year-old Amanda Rachael Maynard on Saturday. However, information from his mother, Donna, that morning does not correlate with that confession and police want to know if she knew more.

According to affidavits, at 3:12 a.m., Donna O'Neal called 911 to say she had heard a scream across the street. By that time, police say Maynard had already been dead for at least a half-hour.

Investigators have recovered a knife, but they are not saying whether it was the murder weapon. Police have searched Donna O'Neal's red Ford Escort, finding blood evidence between the back seats. She left for her job as a corrections officer for the Women's Prison in Raleigh that morning around 4:30 a.m.

The affidavit says Kenneth O'Neal confessed to stabbing the girl and returning to a party before coming back to his house at 102 Madrid Court. His sister, Sasha, told police he returned home crying.

Police indicate in their reports that they believe Donna O'Neal and Sasha may have gone across the street to Maynard's house to see what he was crying about.

Donna O'Neal did not talk with reporters Monday at her son's first appearance in court. Police will not comment on where the new information may lead.

Maynard's body was flown to Kentucky on Wednesday. A visitation service and funeral will be held this weekend in Ashland, Kentucky where she has family.

"She was a good student, a wonderful child -- the kind of child everybody hopes for," said Kerry Williams, Maynard's aunt.

Maynard's grandfather and aunt said they want justice to be served.

Police reports do not say if the blood evidence in the car is connected to the case. Police have taken a DNA sample from Donna O'Neal to compare and examine.

O'Neal's car has been returned to her. The 911 tape is being held for evidence.


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