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State Ag Candidate Asks Carteret Voters To Sign Affidavit

Posted January 3, 2005 6:02 a.m. EST

— The lingering battle over the State Agriculture Commissioner's seat is not over. Despite the call for a new, statewide election, one candidate has a different idea to settle the election.

Republican Steve Troxler leads Democratic incumbent Britt Cobb by more than 2,200 votes. However, a voting malfunction in Carteret County caused the loss of more than 4,400 votes.

Instead of holding a statewide election which was suggested by the state Board of Elections, Troxler is asking those people whose votes were lost to sign a sworn affidavit stating they did vote for him in the November election.

"We are asking people to come forward for the good of the state of North Carolina and to help settle this situation that has been out there for over eight weeks now," Troxler said.

Cobb said he has no choice than to gear up for the statewide election that is estimated to cost over $3 million.

"I wish it could be done at a much, less expense. I certainly do, but you know that is just what the law states," Cobb said.

On Tuesday, Troxler's attorney plans to appeal the board's decision to hold a statewide election.