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Apex Man Leads Effort For Tsunami Victims

Posted January 3, 2005 9:29 a.m. EST

— A Triangle man helped people escape disaster when the tsunami hit Sri Lanka last week. Now back home, he shares his story, hoping to motivate others to help the one million people left homeless in his native land.

More than 30,000 people died when tsunami waves slammed into the island nation of Sri Lanka. Most of them were on the southern and eastern coasts, which took a direct hit.

"The impact, the human suffering associated with the tsunami, has not completely played itself out," Tony Andrady said. "I saw these masses of people apparently in panic crossing the road and running," he said.

The Apex man was in Sri Lanka for a friend's wedding when the tsunami hit. Andrady was driving along the west side of the island at the time, but even there, huge waves flooded most of the coast.

"There was a sense of fear and helplessness in the eyes of the people who were crossing the road," he said.

Andrady drove as many people as he could to higher ground, then went to work contacting friends and family in the Triangle. Together, they set up a relief fund and are sending supplies to Andrady's contacts in Sri Lanka.

"Attached to every dollar that crosses the sea and goes to Sri Lanka, there is also a message of love, a message of caring, a message of friendship. I think that is more valuable than the dollars at this point in time," Andrady said.

Andrady is worried that serious health problems could emerge as a million people go without food, clean water, and shelter.

Andrady said none of his friends or family were killed.

Donations can be sent to:

Carolina Sri Lanka Relief Fund 2004 Fitchburg Court Apex, NC 27523