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Developers Claim Raleigh Tree Ordinance Too Complex

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Raleigh City Council wants to stop clear-cutting. Leaders are trying to develop a new tree ordinance, but developers say it is too complex.

"The impact of our project will be $4 million. That's extremely significant for a deal we've invested a year in our time right now," developer John Myers said.

The ordinance would require 10 percent of trees be preserved on commercial property. Homeowners who live on more than two acres would have to keep 15 percent of trees.

Many people are concerned the new rules would infringe on private property rights.

"I tend to wonder if we are going further than we need to when things we have in place has worked well for many, many years," city councilman Philip Isley said. "Having said that, we all understand the risks of clear-cutting and how that harms the environment."

The tree ordinance will come up again Jan. 4. In other council business, the city is moving forward with $235 million in funding for the new convention center, hotel and parking deck. The funding model will be presented to the local government commission for approval.


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