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NCSU Veterinary Hospital Asks For Canine Blood Donors

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Canine Blood Donor
RALEIGH, N.C. — Almost two-dozen dogs donate blood at North Carolina State's veterinary teaching hospital. So far, all the donors belong to faculty, staff and students. The hospital now needs community dogs to donate to the canine blood bank.

"The first step we take in the screening process for the donor program is to make sure the dog is young and healthy and large enough to safely donate the amount of blood that we need," said Dr. Bernie Hansen.

More and more, dog owners are requesting life-saving operations. Often, they require blood.

"We do anything from extensive remodeling of bone disorders with our orthopedic surgeons to repairing animals that have been horribly injured, usually by auto accidents," Hansen said.

The blood is good for 35 days. One dog blood donation could be used to save four other canines.

"Many animals that would benefit from blood never get it. Having an established program with a reliable source of blood that's constant is really important for our needs," Hansen said.

Dogs participating in the blood bank get vaccinations, health care screenings and lifetime blood transfusions, all for free. If you are interested, you can call Samantha Normandin at

(919) 513-6030



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