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Heavy rains flood Roanoke Rapids business

Posted August 20, 2012 5:09 p.m. EDT
Updated August 20, 2012 11:40 p.m. EDT

— Nearly 4 inches of rain pummeled Roanoke Rapids on Sunday, and much of it found its way into Chris Moseley's business on 12th Street.

Chris S. Moseley Electric moved to a downtown storefront in March after 14 years of operating out of Moseley's home.

"We were able to finally reach that dream or feeling like we were reaching that dream, and now we've been met with a couple more setbacks," he said Monday.

His shop flooded Sunday, and the water left its mark 8 inches up the walls.

"I was thinking, 'Not again, not again,'" he said, noting the shop also flooded a month ago during a thunderstorm.

"We were in the process of making repairs when it happened this second time," he said. "I'm pretty disheartened. We've been working for several months now to renovate this building."

Roanoke Rapids officials said they plan to study the intersection of 12th and Charlotte streets to determine the cause for the flooding.

Moseley spent much of the day Monday sweeping the water out the door and trying to vacuum as much out of the carpet as he could.

"Most likely, we'll have to remove the carpet and dispose of it and put new carpet down," he said.

He estimated that his shop has sustained about $10,000 in damage from the two storms, and he said his insurance doesn't cover flood damage.

Still, Moseley said he's not about to let some rain spoil his business dreams.

"Certainly, we're not giving up yet," he said.