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Ann Miller Kontz May Not Go On Trial Until 2006

Posted December 14, 2004 5:39 a.m. EST

— It could be more than a year before Ann Miller Kontz goes on trial for the poisoning death of her husband, Eric Miller.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys met Tuesday to discuss a schedule for the trial, but both sides agreed that the case cannot be tried until January 2006.

"We had offered to be able to try the case sooner, but there are a number of lawyers who have important cases that are older than this that have to be tried and so those took predence," district attorney Colon Willoughby said.

"The issues in this case are very complicated and there is a lot of science and a lot of experts and I don't think, in either way, that we can rush into this," defense attorney Joe Cheshire said.

Miller Kontz remains in jail on $3 million bond. Defense attorneys hope to be able to get her bond reduced.

Both sides in the case are scheduled to meet Feb. 7 to discuss a specific trial date.

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