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Some Animal Shelters Remain Over Capacity

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Many animal rescue groups are over capacity and running out of room.

Terry Kelly is trying to find homes for three unexpected kittens.

"They showed up on the doorstep with the mother," he said. "We have called at least nine agencies. All of them said they were filled to capacity."

Kelly admitted that the scope of his search is limited.

"We're not going to allow any agency to destroy the animals. We're not of that mindset," he said.

Hilary Andrews, who runs Paw Prints Animal Rescue, said stray cats are also more difficult to place even if there is space.

"I don't think there's a rescue group out there that doesn't feel completely overwhelmed," she said. "We get about 20 calls a day, but we'd still work with you to find homes for yours and we try to get them spayed and neutered."

Most animal rescue groups rely on veterinarians to volunteer their time for spaying and neutering, but they still have to pay for the cost of supplies, which is why animal rescues often require a donation to take animals in.

"In 3½ years, we've probably spayed and neutered over 3,000 animals," Andrews said. "In a year's time, we placed over 400."

The Wake County Animal Shelter ultimately receives most of the unwanted pets. More than 8,000 animals come through their doors every year and of those, of which 5,600 do not find homes and are put down.



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