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RDU Chaplain Provides Words Of Wisdom To Travelers

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Dennis Stiles
RALEIGH, N.C. — Holiday travel can be a bear. At the airport, people are often hurried, stressed and sometimes mad, but there is one person who always has time for a smile and words of encouragement.

The Rev. Dennis Stiles begins his day in a tiny airport office tucked far away from the gates and ticket counters. After prayer and Bible study, it is off to see his flock. Three years ago, he convinced the airport authority to donate space for an interfaith chapel where no one is turned away.

"You can be an athiest and come in here. We don't ban anyone from coming inside. It's open to everyone," he said. "God is the same way. God doesn't turn anyone away."

Stiles spends time with the elderly, talking with families waiting for their loved one in the service. He has helped when an illness caused an emergency landing.

"We will assist by taking the family or the people traveling with the victim [to the hospital], and we will follow the ambulance to the hospital and stay with them as long as necessary and we'll bring them back," he said.

However, Stiles is the one who may need help. He works two jobs to make ends meet. He does not get paid, but he said he plans to keep on giving to those in need.


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