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Conspiracy Charge Dismissed Against Ex-Trooper On Trial For Attempted Murder

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Bobby Regan
ROXBORO, N.C. — A judge dismissed a conspiracy charge against a former state Highway Patrol trooper accused of trying to kill his ex-wife.

Former Trooper Bobby Regan remains accused of the attempted murder of his wife, Danielle Regan, who was shot in the chest in 2003 while standing in the bathroom of her house in June 2003.

Linda Lee, Regan's former girlfriend, also is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

On Tuesday, Regan told jurors that he did not try to kill his wife. He claimed that he was in his house sick the night of the shooting.

Regan also said that he met Lee one night after he pulled her over for speeding. Shortly after that, he said he had an affair with her.

"She said that she knew that I was married, but she did not want to fall in love with anyone. She just wanted a sexual relationship," he said.

Regan said he moved in with Lee and said Lee gave him several gifts, including the gun used in the shooting. However, he said he returned those gifts. Regan said he wrote his wife a letter, hoping to get back together with her even though he was dating another woman, his current girlfriend Brandy Oakley.

Regan said Lee found out about the letter hours before his wife's shooting. He stated that he had nothing to do with the attempted murder.

Person County Sheriff Dennis Oakley also took the stand, testifying that he had known Bobby Regan and Linda Lee since they were teenagers. He told jurors about a conversation he had with Lee a day before the shooting.

"She was standing in front of the law enforcement center and she brought up the matter of Bobby Regan. She said that Bobby was trying to get back together with his wife," Oakley said. "She was very agitated and very mad about it."

Another man testified in court that he was outside on the night of Regan's shooting. He claims he saw the getaway car and only saw one person in the car. He said that person had a lot of hair, which goes along with the defense's theory that Lee, who has curly, blond hair, acted alone in the shooting out of jealousy. Bobby Regan has a crewcut.

Prosecutors say Bobby Regan tried to kill his wife for insurance money and the couple's home.

The defense rested its case Tuesday, but the prosecution plans to call rebuttal witnesses on Wednesday.


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