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Ex-Girlfriend Claims Former Trooper Tried To Frame Her For Attempted Murder

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Linda Lee Court
ROXBORO, N.C. — The ex-girlfriend of a former trooper testified at his trial Friday. Bobby Regan is accused of plotting with Linda Lee to kill his wife, Danielle.

Linda Lee, Regan's ex-girlfriend, told jurors on the night of the shooting that he got her drunk, drugged her and assaulted her. Lee said she could not fight back because he had her in handcuffs and threatened her life.

"He put the pistol to my head, to my temple and cocked the handle. He said, 'This is what is going to happen to you [and] your boys,'" she said.

Lee told jurors she and Regan drove to Regan's house. Lee said the former state trooper made her get out of the car and shoot Danielle Regan.

"The next thing I remember, there was a loud blast, then he came back to the car and got in and said, 'Look at what you did.'"

Danielle Regan was shot in the chest after getting out of the bathroom shower. Lee said she was still in handcuffs, so she could not wash off the gunshot powder residue.

Defense attorneys claim Lee shot Danielle Regan out of jealousy. Attorneys reminded Lee about a statement she made about wanting to be in jail with Danielle Regan so she could knock her in the head with a baseball bat.

A toxicology report showed no signs of alcohol and little traces of drugs in Lee's system.

Lee also admitted shooting her ex-husband in 1977 in Texas. Even though Lee is testifying in Bobby Regan's trial, she will be tried on attempted murder charges at a later date.

Prosecutors claim the former state trooper wanted to get rid of his wife for insurance money and the couple's home.


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