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Former Trooper's Wife Testifies About Attempted Murder

Posted December 2, 2004 5:14 a.m. EST

— A woman whose husband is accused of trying to kill her took the stand Thursday at his trial.

Danielle Regan told jurors that her eight-year marriage to her husband, former state trooper Bobby Regan, had soured. The couple separated in May 2003.

"Bobby had threatened to kill me and told me that if I remained in the house that he would kill me," she said.

A month later, prosecutors said her husband plotted with his then-girlfriend, Linda Lee, to kill her. Regan told jurors she was shot in the chest last year as she got out of the shower.

"The next thing, I was standing there and all of a sudden, I heard a very loud noise like an explosion, and kind of saw the blinds move a little bit and it looked like things were just flying," she said. "I stood still for what seemed like forever and there was a big stream of blood shooting out of my chest."

Prosecutors claimed Regan tried to kill her because he did not want to be married and he wanted their house, and he was the one who shot his wife. Defense attorneys countered, saying Lee was jealous and wanted to kill Danielle Regan.

In court, Lee said Bobby Regan had been violent toward her. She claimed Bobby Regan got her drunk, drugged her drink, forced her into the car and made her bring her gun with them. Lee claimed Bobby Regan then went to the house, made her pick up the gun and forced her to pull the trigger.

The defense is expected to cross-examine Lee Friday. If convicted, Regan faces 10 to 30 years in prison. Lee is also charged in connection with the shooting.