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Dump Truck Crashes Into Nail Salon At Fayetteville Intersection

Posted December 3, 2004 10:30 a.m. EST

— A dump truck and a pick-up truck were involved in a collision Thursday afternoon at the intersection of Martin Luther King Freeway and Ramsey Street in Fayetteville.

Officials said the dump truck continued south on Ramsey Street and hit two utility poles. The truck then hit a sports utility vehicle and both vehicles crashed into the side of a nail salon.

"Me and my buddy pulled up to the side of the building and I saw the dump truck hit the telephone pole, so I saw it coming. I jumped out and dove out of my truck," said Randy Jones, who was in the SUV.

Crews are concerned that the building may collapse due to the damage caused by the dump truck.

A gas line was ruptured at the building, causing an evacuation of the immediate businesses. Power was also knocked out in a 1-block area near the accident. A preliminary report by authorities suggests the dump truck's brakes failed, causing the accident.

Authorities say the dump truck driver, Paul Carroll, of Lumberton, and Jones were not injured, but the driver of the pickup truck, Keith David, was taken to the hospital. There is no word on the extent of his injuries. Alice McElveen, who was in the building, suffered minor injuries from flying debris, but she is OK.

No charges have been filed, but authorities are still conducting their investigation.