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Man Removed From Cary Soccer Game After Dumping Water On Ref

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Fred Meadows
CARY, N.C. — A father from Asheville faces charges for going after referees following a high school soccer championship.

White Oak defeated Asheville 3-2 to win the 3-A High School soccer championship over the weekend at SAS Soccer Park in Cary. After the game, Asheville fans in the bleachers were verbally abusing the referees when 47-year-old Fred Meadows dumped water on the officials.

Carolyn Shannonhouse, of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, said she saw the exchange between Meadows and the referees.

"Never have I seen this particular action taken and hopefully, it won't be in the future," she said.

Police escorted Meadows away from the bleachers and placed him under arrest. A former assistant coach for the Asheville team said Meadows' son was one of the players on the soccer team.

Meadows declined to comment about what happened, but he said he did not do anything.

Shannonhouse said the incident was an isolated one and student-athletes and their parents are asked to sign a sportsmanship pledge.



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