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Theer's Sister Takes The Stand In Her Trial

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theer sister angela forcier
FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — The sister of Michelle Theer testified in Theer's trial Thursday morning.

Angela Forcier was scheduled to take the stand on Wednesday, but the judge in the case suggested Forcier hire a lawyer first.

The judge said that she could end up incriminating herself as an accessory after the fact if it is shown she helped Theer while she was on the run from authorities.

Prosecutors believe Forcier made phone calls to Theer at the time. Forcier hired a lawyer Wednesday and took the stand Thursday morning.

Theer is charged with murdering her husband, Air Force Capt. Marty Theer. Theer's lover, Army Sgt. John Diamond, is serving a life sentence for the murder. In an interview with WRAL. Forcier talked about the difficult trial.

"Honestly, the hardest part is not being able to touch her," Forcier said. "Not being able to give her a hug and comfort her when we are hearing all these details about ... gun wounds. It hurts and it's hard for Michelle to have to relive those events."

Theer's mother also talked about the perception of her daughter's behavior during the trial. She said that the public is misjudging her daughter.

"Michelle is afraid to show emotion," said Ann Hoefler. "She has been judged on every emotion she has had: if she is generous then she is guilty, if she is not generous, then she is a cold person. If she cries then she is faking and it if she doesn't cry she is a cold person. She cannot win."

Hoefler also said that she believes her daughter is innocent.

"We believe so firmly, so deeply that she's innocent that I see her being acquitted," Hoefler said.

Prosecutors are trying to convince the jury that Theer was having an affair and may have wanted her husband out of the picture.

Theer family says that is not so.

"I see it as a woman who was very lonely. Marty was gone a lot and they were having problems," Hoefler said.

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