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Lee County Store Owner's Murder Remains Unsolved One Year Later

Posted November 17, 2004 11:54 a.m. EST

— It has been almost one year since a store owner was gunned down in her parking lot and investigators are still looking for her killer.

Authorities said someone shot Maria Ramirez and stole a bag of money she was supposedly carrying.

For the past year, officers have been following leads.

"It might take several more years. It might take 10 years, but whoever did this, we'll make every effort we can to bring that person to justice," said Capt. David Smith, of the Sanford Police Department.

At one point, all 11 detectives in the Sanford Police Department said they were assigned to the case. They said the language barrier and problems with witnesses make the case tough to crack.

Officers believe three men planned to rob the store, but they cannot link the trio to the actual crime. The suspects are charged with conspiracy.