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Onslow Woman Re-Elected To 16th Term As Register Of Deeds

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Mildred Thomas
JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — Mildred Thomas was just re-elected last week to her 16th term. She has held the same position in Onslow County since 1948.

At 91 years old, Thomas, known as "Miss Mildred," is the newly re-elected Register of Deeds of Onslow County. She has held the office for 56 years. In fact, the office has her name on it.

"It's meant everything because I mean, you know, being able to get up every morning and come to work instead of staying home alone," she said.

She said things are a lot different than they were before.

"Way back when I first started to work, it was all typing," she said. "It's much better now. It's much easier now, but I enjoyed the old days. You know everybody in the county and now we don't know everybody that comes in."

Thomas has seen the whole spectrum of life from birth to death. Many times, she said she has recorded the same person's birth and death. Even after all these years, Thomas still feels fresh and vibrant.

"It's a pleasure every day I come to work," she said.

Before becoming Register of Deeds, Thomas was an assistant to the Register.


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