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Louisburg Woman Missing For More Than Year Baffles Investigators

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LOUISBURG, N.C. — Investigators in Franklin county have a year-old mystery on their hands.

Judith Gupton, 55, disappeared more than a year ago.

Her family is hopeful she's alive, but investigators haven't had a lead in months.

"It's been over a year," said Richard Gupton, a brother of the missing woman. "None of it makes any sense to any of us."

Judith Gupton has been missing since last November. She lived at apartments in Louisburg. When her brother went to check on her one day, he didn't find her, but he did discover something else.

"We found a note on the kitchen table saying she was tired of hurting, tired of living in pain and she was leaving," Richard Gupton said.

Police say the note can be interpreted several ways. She could have walked into these woods and tried to commit suicide, she could have left town to start a new life. Police say they also can't rule out foul play.

A five-day search after Judith Gupton was reported missing didn't turn up anything.

Investigators say she couldn't walk far and didn't have a car.

They believe that if she had taken her own life, they would have found her body by now.

"She was suffering from chronic fatigue system and we really do believe she would have been close by," said Rick Lassiter, Louisburg police chief.

Police say Judith Gupton's Social Security number and credit cards haven't been used.

And they haven't received any new tips since April.

If you have any information about Judith Gupton, please call Louisburg police at (919) 496-4175.

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