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House Man Was Renting Is Torn Down By Mistake

Posted November 5, 2004 10:09 a.m. EST

— There's not much left of the place Larry Parker called home for more than a decade -- a few bricks, some wood and an old car he'd been working on.

Parker says a friend called him at his sister's house last month to say crews were bulldozing the house he rented.

By the time he got there, everything was destroyed.

"(I lost) 40 years accumulation of stuff," Parker said. "Furniture, jewelry, watches ... everything ... birth certificates."

Parker had been in and out of the hospital and living with his sister since September.

But, he kept most of his clothes back his home and Parker was still paying rent and utilities on the house.

"I just couldn't believe it, just couldn't believe it," Parker said.

The owner of the property, Wilson Attorney David Woodard, ordered the demolition in order to sell the lot. He admits tearing it down was a mistake.

Woodard says he thought the house was abandoned and didn't check with the leasing agency to see if anyone was living there.

The property was overgrown, and in Woodard's eyes, looked unlivable.

Parker says after he began living with his sister, he still came back here at least once a week to check on his home, but he says his health problems kept him from doing any yard work or maintenance on the outside of the house.

It's devastating to me, I don't know what to think," Parker said.

Parker is currently consulting with a lawyer about what options he has.