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Woman Claims Missing Hoke Jail Escapee Took Nap In Her Home

Posted November 4, 2004 5:19 a.m. EST

— Investigators believe missing Hoke County Jail escapee William Barefoot surfaced Wednesday and broke into two houses. One woman believes he may have broken into her home and slept on her bed.

Judith Grivet said she went to her home and noticed the front door wide open. It turned out no one was inside.

"My heart stopped. I was scared. My husband is telling me I'm crazy and too paranoid and I was overreacting, but when I pulled up and saw my door open, I knew that we locked it," Grivet said.

Officials believe Barefoot took a nap in the Grivets' bed. They also believe he stocked up on food, water and medical supplies and used the phone before moving on to the next house a few miles away.

Investigators believe Barefoot broke into their home through a window. When the people who lived there walked in on him, they said he tied them up and stole their car.

Some neighbors missed the break-in by less than an hour.

"[I'm] a little nervous about getting tied up. He could have definitely hit my house," neighbor David Coleman said.

Grivet said she is still shaken.

"It just felt weird sleeping in my bed, knowing that he may have been in there taking a nap, just like it was his own house," she said.

Barefoot escaped from jail on Oct. 25 by overpowering a guard with Mace. He was serving an 84-year sentence for shooting a Scotland County sheriff's officer in 2001.

Investigators believe Barefoot might head to Chapel Hill. He may be in a rental car, a 2005 Dodge Magnum station wagon, described as either dark blue or black with Florida license plate



They think Barefoot shaved his beard and may be wearing a denim shirt, jeans, and gray shoes.