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Gas Prices Hit New Record Across Triangle, State

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WILSON COUNTY, N.C. — Soaring gasoline prices are hitting many folks in the region in the wallet.

Terry Mangum runs a lawn care service, and his profits are turning to dust.

"Yeah, it's made my profit go down, and I ain't making a whole lot," Mangum said. "I haven't went up on my customers yet, but it's gonna come to a point that it's gonna have to happen like that. "

Right now, the average price for regular unleaded in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area is the same as the state average: $1.97. And in both cases, that's a record. One month ago, it was just $1.83.

Those in the petroleum industry say that instability in the Middle East is causing the prices to go up.

"A lot of it's based on speculation on the price of crude," said Gary Harris of the N.C. Petroleum Marketers Association. "I think that you'll have to see a more stable environment in the Middle East (for prices to come down)."

Joe Mueller, who runs a convenience store in Raleigh, on busy Airport Boulevard, sees the impact on customers each day.

"(The) hard part right now is you got families out there that are doubling their gas bill, they're doubling their gas bill right now and that's hard," Mueller said.


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