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Man In Raleigh Wreck May Face Second-Degree Murder Charges

Posted October 27, 2004 5:57 a.m. EDT

— The Wake County district attorney's office is going after second-degree murder charges in a weekend accident that killed his girlfriend and her 5-year-old son.

Anderson Hazelwood crashed overnight Saturday, killing 26-year-old Shavonda Commissiong, 26, and her son, Jalien. In court Tuesday, Hazelwood had a few choice words to say to the judge.

"I'm being charged with killing my son and my girl when police officers started this," he said.

A trooper stopped Hazelwood on Interstate 540 Saturday night because he said Hazelwood's car was swerving. The Highway Patrol said as the trooper approached on foot, Hazelwood sped off.

The trooper tried to follow in his car, but Hazelwood was long gone. A short time later, Hazelwood crashed on Leesville Road, killing his girlfriend and son.

"It's easy to look back and say what if or what would you have done. We don't have that luxury in law enforcement," said Sgt. Everett Clendenin, of the state Highway Patrol.

The Highway Patrol is so upset by Hazelwood's assertion in a newspaper article that they caused the accident. They sent a letter to the newspaper starting their case.

"He's making a lot of excuses -- things that don't add up. The underlying factor is that Hazelwood made a poor decision, a tragic decision for two passengers. It caused them their lives," Clendenin said.

The trooper said he did not know that there were other people in the car with Hazelwood. At the time Hazelwood was stopped, he was wanted on seven outstanding warrants. They also found marijuana in Hazelwood's car and he was driving without a license.