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Franklin County Race Has Candidates Arguing Over License Plate

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, N.C. — Two Franklin County commission candidates are battling over a license plate.

The two men, who share the same last name and live on the same road, are arguing because one candidate accused the other of switching license plates on two cars he owns.

Joe Swanson raised allegations recently that Robert Lee Swanson switched license tags from Robert Lee's Cadillac to his pickup truck. Joe Swanson ran a full page ad in the local paper with Robert Swanson unknowingly posing in the attack ad against himself.

Joe Swanson says the attack ad isn't personal.

"It sends a message that 'I'm above the law'," said Joe Swanson about his opponent.

Robert Lee Swanson said it was an honest mistake, has since apologized for switching license plates and has purchased a new one.

"I've done nothing illegal that I know of," Robert Lee Swanson said.

Joe Swanson continues to disagree: "That's a lie," he said.

The two men have trouble agreeing on much of anything -- one says they are cousins, the other says they aren't.

"If we are kin I don't know about it," Joe Swanson said.

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