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Schools Determined To Keep Teachers, Students From Catching Flu

Posted October 21, 2004 7:16 a.m. EDT

— Stay home! That's what schools intend to tell students this year to stop the flu from spreading.

At Exploris Middle School, teachers will be on the lookout for symptoms. If they spot runny noses or fevers, they said they will not hesitate to send students home.

"The kids have different illnesses constantly. Each time they come in and they are infected, they infect the rest of us," teacher Beth Edwards said.

One thing schools are starting to consider is getting substitute teachers lined up. Because Exploris is a charter school and the staff teaches as a team, they have a little more leeway.

Most schools are also ramping up hand washing. The State Health Department also recommends avoiding close contact with people who are sick and keeping your hands away from your mouth.