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Two Men Testify Against Alleged Triggerman In Murder Trial

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DURHAM, N.C. — Lois Cannady was shot to death two years ago as she called 911 for help. Although five men are charged in the case, prosecutors point to Michael Sullivan as the triggerman.

Little Jerome Freeman, one of the five men charged in the case, told jurors Tuesday about how they broke into Cannady's house. He told jurors how she surprised them.

"When I looked around the corner, I saw the old lady. I looked her dead in the eyes and that's when she fired a gun," he said.

Ricky Morris, another man charged with the crime, told the jury that Sullivan was carrying an SKS assault rifle. He also referred to Sullivan by his street name, Trig. He also told jurors it was Sullivan who shot and killed Cannady.

Freeman and Sullivan took the stand as part of a plea agreement.

Earlier in the day, jurors held a tape of Cannady's 911 call. The exchange between the 89-year-old grandmother and the 911 operator was quick: the conversation was cut short by a gun blast.

Cannady's call for help clearly disturbed her family and friends sitting the courtoom. Lois Cannady's son, David, could not bear to be in the courtroom. Jurors hung their heads in silence while Sullivan never seemed to flinch.

Sullivan's lawyer claims the 19-year-old was nowhere near Cannady's house that night. Prosecutors may wrap up their case by Wednesday.


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