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Women Take Matters, Hammers Into Hands For New Durham Habitat Home

Posted September 29, 2004 9:50 a.m. EDT

— In Durham, women are taking matters and hammers into their own hands for the city's first

Habitat for Humanity

all-female building blitz.

There are about 400 female volunteers working on the project, many of whom have never picked up a hammer before.

"I love this kind of work. It's a big thrill, a big thrill," volunteer Chase Loew said.

"I've learned I can actually climb a ladder to the top rung," volunteer Judy Moneta said.

Supervisor Lucy Stokes said there are advantages to working on an all-female crew.

"They're probably better at being more careful and not just hammering it in because it's a 'huh' thing to do," she said.

The three-bedroom house will be dedicated on Oct. 17. The new homeowner is a single mother.