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Littleton Center To Be Home Away From Home For Children

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LITTLETON, N.C. — There is a new sign of hope in a poor, rural county where a third of the population lives in poverty. The John 3:16 center in Littleton will focus on improving the lives of poor people, starting with the children.

"It is exciting to dream the potential of what this place is going to be," said the Rev. Mike Currin, of Littleton Baptist Church.

The facility was built in five months by volunteers and donations. The center also has computers to give high-tech lessons to children. A major grocery chain even donated food for the needy.

The place will become a home away from home for children after school, during the summer, on weekends and even holidays.

"Anytime, you get a child off the street and offer them some alternatives to other behaviors and such we have an opportunity as well as being able to educate the parents in the process of helping the children," center director Julie Jenkins said.

The John 3:16 center will be more than just a learning place. Children can play on playground equipment, softball fields, basketball courts and a miniature golf course.

"I think it's going to work great. There is nothing else in the community like it," Jenkins said.

The John 3:16 Center opens Saturday. The grand opening ceremonies will also include a huge celebration and door prizes. It is free to the public.


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