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Road Rage Leads To Shooting In Rocky Mount

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ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. — It started with a frustrated driver in a hurry. Rocky Mount police say it ended with gunshots, but that the man who pulled the trigger was not in the wrong.

Investigators say the incident began at a stoplight at the intersection of Nashville and Raleigh roads in Rocky Mount. Police say when the light turned green, Thomas Williams Jr. did not move right away.

Authorities say Allen Williams Jr., who is no relation to Thomas Williams Jr., was right behind him and honked his horn. Investigators say Thomas Williams Jr. made an obscene gesture, then slowly drove a half-mile to the next stoplight.

When the men stopped at the second intersection, police say Allen Williams got out of his car and walked to Thomas Williams' car. Investigators say Allen Williams grabbed the handle and yanked the car door open. They say that is when Thomas Williams grabbed a gun and shot him.

Gregory Pittman, who was working outside, saw the incident happen.

"What I heard was actually three gun fires, three gunshots, then I saw two gentlemen reaching into the car. That's when I ran into the building and asked them to dial 911," Pittman said. "Someone firing out of control could hit anybody. He could have accidentally shot me or anybody else. Of course, it was scary."

Allen Williams was shot in the chest. Police arrested Thomas Williams for possession of a stolen weapon, but he is not charged in the shooting. Investigators said it was self-defense because the other man opened his door.

Allen Williams is listed in good condition at Pitt Memorial Hospital. Neither man is expected to face any more charges.


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