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Kidworks Temporarily Closed Due To Snake Problem

Posted September 21, 2004 10:34 a.m. EDT

— WakeMed decided to temporarily close Kidworks, a child care center, because of snake sightings.

Officials said two small banded water snakes have been seen in the Kidd Road facility over the past week -- one on Friday and one on Monday. The snakes are not poisonous.

As a precautionary measure, the five-star facility has been closed and is expected to reopen on Wednesday.

On Monday, WakeMed moved all 160 children to a hospital conference room while crews worked to adjust the doors and seal the building.

"You mention the word snake and people go 'Ahh!' We wanted to make sure they're not poisonous and not a larger problem, which it doesn't seem to be," WakeMed spokeswoman Debbie Laughery said.

Child-care services will continue for WakeMed employees and others who have children at Kidworks at the WakeMed Health Park. There is a gym, large dining room and other facilities which the children can use. The 40,000-square-foot indoor park setting is normally used for physical rehabilitation patients.

Teachers from Kidworks will continue to provide the child care and WakeMed's campus police will provide security while the children are on the Raleigh campus.

Parents of Kidworks children should drop off and pick up their children at the usual time using the Health Park entrance adjacent to the surface parking lot behind the Health Park building.