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Warren County Hunting Club Continues To 'Bark' Up Controversy

Posted September 16, 2004 5:38 a.m. EDT

— A hunting club's alleged abuse of dogs continues to stir up controversy in Warren County.

On Thursday, a court order and a handful of volunteers helped a Warren County animal protection group rescue the starving hunting dogs. It is the second rescue this week of the same animals from the same hunting club.

"Of the dogs we retrieved, some are in worse condition now than on Friday," said William Roberts, of the Citizens for Animal Protection.

Last week, Roberts rescued 27 dogs from the Parktown hunting club. Days later, county officials decided the dogs belonged back with their owners. Now, a county judge ordered the dogs seized again while animal abuse charges are investigated.

However, when Roberts went back to get the dogs, half were missing. Roberts believes hunters were tipped off and either moved the dogs or turned them loose. The dogs were later located on the hunting club's property.

The court order gives the animal protection group custody of the animals for 20 days. Unless animal cruelty charges stick, the dogs will be returned to their owners just as hunting season opens.