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Good Samaritans Taking Care Of Abused Animals In Warren County

Posted September 14, 2004 6:23 a.m. EDT

— A Warren County couple says a hunting club left dozens of dogs caged without food or water. Now, some Good Samaritans are doing the county's job and caring for the abused animals.

William and Cathy Roberts are members of Citizens for Animal Protection. They have their hands full taking care of hunting dogs, who at one time, were at least 20 pounds underweight. The couple took over the care of the 27 dogs used by the Parktown Hunting Club. They allege Charles Alston, the owner of the dogs, kept them caged without food and water.

"I think it's a travesty they were put in the care of someone that was supposed to love them and take care of them and use them for sport. Apparently, they've been tossed aside like trash," Cathy Roberts said.

Roberts said some of the dogs were near death when Warren County authorities found them.

"Generally when they get hungry enough, they kill the weakest," Roberts said. "They'll eat each other."

Problems arose when a magistrate refused to file charges. Since the county does not have a state-approved animal shelter, officials wanted the dogs returned.

"These dogs have been neglected. They have been starved, and the county is saying, 'Return them to their owners who starved them,' I'm saying no," Warren Commissioner Jan Humphries said.

On Tuesday, Warren County took custody of the dogs. Humphries hopes the next step will be animal cruelty charges.

Alston did not return phone calls from WRAL. Another member of the Parktown Hunting Club said the owner should have known better.