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Battle For 13th Congressional District Heats Up

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Dennis Hastert
RALEIGH, N.C. — It is considered one of the more important Congressional races in the country. Republicans hope to pick up the 13th Congressional District, which spans from Greensboro to Raleigh. The seat is just two years old, and the Democratic incumbent certainly is not ready to give it up.

It is not often U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Haskert campaigns for a political newcomer. Greensboro lawyer Virginia Johnson has served as a senior staff member for the Armed Services Committee. Her latest job includes criss-crossing the 13th Congressional District as a Republican candidate.

"I don't want to go to Washington to advance my own agenda or the national party. I'm there to serve the people, not just the Republicans, everybody," Johnson said.

While Johnson was raising money at a steak luncheon in Durham, incumbent Brad Miller stopped by a food bank in Raleigh.

"Helping the folks that have been displaced, helping them get the benefits they are entitled to -- those have been our first priority," Miller said.

However, Johnson questions the motivation behind Miller's campaign stop.

"I have personally found that those activities are always more meaningful when they are done outside of the limelight," Johnson said.

"I think the fundamental question is do you want someone who has been handpicked in Washington or do you want someone from here who understands people," Miller said.

In response to the personal attacks, Miller said he has made several stops at food banks throughout his campaign. Johnson said she was not handpicked by the Republican party.


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