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Former Shaw Assistant Coach Discusses Harassment Claims

Posted September 1, 2004 5:04 a.m. EDT

— The Shaw University women's basketball team won the CIAA championship last year, but for assistant coach Dolmesha Stallings, it was complete misery.

Stallings said head coach Jacques Curtis sexually harassed her from the time she started in June 2003.

"There was some physical, but it was more so just verbal, lots of inappropriate language, lots of inappropriate telling of jokes -- sexual nature," she said.

Stallings filed a complaint with Shaw University and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in December. She said talking with Curtis did not work.

"He's a married man. I have a fiance. I told him, 'You're my supervisor. Don't mix business with pleasure, and you know you're making me uncomfortable," she said.

Curtis and university officials would not say much about the situation. In the past, Shaw officials have said the university is responding to an information request from the EEOC.

"I'd give back the championship ring just to take this year back," she said.

Stallings resigned last week and moved out of town, but she said she will continue her fight.

"There are numerous women who have come to me and commended me for stepping up and having the courage to say something where they weren't able to, so I know there are others," Stallings said.

Curtis has since filed a counterclaim with the EEOC, denying the accusations from Stallings.