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Raleigh False Alarms Now Come With Fines

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Starting Wednesday, false alarms will mean fines for Raleigh homeowners.

Under a new ordinance, homeowners will have to pay if their security system goes off by accident.

Fines will be imposed for having more than one false alarm in a 12-month period beginning July 1 of each year. No fines will be assessed for having one false alarm in the one-year period. However, a written warning will be issued to the alarm user.

Fines for subsequent false alarms will be:

  • $50 for two false alarms
  • $100 each for false alarms three, four and five
  • $200 each for false alarms six and seven
  • $300 each for false alarms eight and nine
  • $500 each for 10 or more false alarms
  • Fines will not be incurred if the alarm company notifies the authorities of the false alarm prior to the arrival of public safety units at the scene.

    The new ordinance does not require alarms to be registered with the city.

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